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Refill Elastic Thread for Tango Coins (1 Meter)
A small brass holder to pin under your jacket. It is quite simple to load or steal any metal or Fantasio appearing cane with this clever device.
Appearing Cane Holder
A small amount (less than a tea spoon) of this slush powder in an empty glass, make a liquid instantly into solid gel when poured into the glass. 240 ml
Aqua Jel Super, 240 ml
This is not a magic prop, and it will not perform a Magic routine or effect for you. But it is an invaluable accessory to a performing magician, performing under various "impromptu" conditions, as a...
Backdrop T-Stand
A cloth holder, for one or more balls, that clips under your coat.
Ball Dropper
A wire holder that clips under your coat.
Ball Holder
Made from our Classic Line Glass.
Bottomless Glass
Card Guard Multi Tool
An elastic holder to pin under your jacket or attach to your belt. It holds a full deck or a few cards. Use it for switches or to add a few cards to your deck. Combine it with a Topit Vanisher and...
Card Holder
Set of handmade, unique chopcup balls.Each set consists of two 1 inch baseballs, one featured with a magnet. White leather with red stitching.
Chop Cup Mini Baseball (2)
These balls are great for Cups and Balls and Chop Cup routines, and other ball effects as well, like "Two in the Hand One in the pocket". They are sponge Balls, with a crocheted covering that makes...
Chop Cup,  jumbo balls
Chop Cup, 2 extra balls
A premium close-up pad that differs from other existing card pads.Luxurious DesignJL Magic created this luxurious design for this card pad that is sure to stand out among other card pads.
Close Up Mat, large Super de Luxe
These pads contain a thick, dense, high quality inner-cushion, non-slip rubber back, and a high quality fabric top. By all means a high quality, professional close-up pad with which you will be...
Close Up Mat, soft
"Borrow a coin and it magically bends at your fingertips!With the SL Coin Bending Tool, you have the power to do many amazing effects. A spectator can hold a normal coin in his or her hand, and with...
Coin Bender Tool
With this mechanical holder pinned under your coat you can any time during your act secretly steal and produce about a dozen coins (in one big load). Holds any size coin.
Coin Dumper
With this mechanical holder pinned under your coat you can steal and produce a couple of coins (one at a time). 50 US cents size.
Coin Slide Dropper
Four crocheted red balls for the Cups & Balls.
Cups & Balls - extra balls (4)
Set of handmade, unique leather balls, by Leo Smetsers.Each set consists of four 1 inch baseballs.White leather with red stitching.
Cups & Balls, Mini Baseballs (4)
Dye Tube - Soft plastic slightly conical flesh coloured Dye Tube, with a rim at one end. No divider.
Dye Tube dL
Dye Tube metal
Dye Tube -with divider hard plastic, flesh coloured Dye Tube with rims at both ands and a dividing disc inside.
Dye Tube plastic
XL Plastic Egg
Egg, ostrich
Normal sized hollow plastic egg.
Egg, plastic normal
Small hollow plastic egg.
Egg, plastic small
Solid plastic egg. Small.
Egg, plastic solid small
Do you want to produce beautiful fans of cards? Apply a small amount of this Fanning Powder and even old, worn out decks will fan like new. Works great on new decks as well. Contains 2 ozs.
Fanning Powder
Looking for glue that will hold cards together securely, but will still allow you to separate them when needed? With so many uses, Repositionable Glue Stick is a magician's modern day magic wand.
Glue Stick, Repositionable
American hole punch that cuts a club symbol instead of a round hole.
Hole Punch (club)
American hole punch that cuts a heart symbol instead of a round hole.
Hole Punch (heart)
American hole punsch. Cuts a round hole.
Hole Punch (reg)
Jumbo US 50 cents. 75 mm diameter
Jumbo Coin, 50 cents
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