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Magician shows a beautiful 5 flower bouquet, plucks off the flowers one by one and finally make them appear in the bouquet again. The trick works automatically and is expertedly crafted from the...
Blooming Bouquet (5 fl) SdL
Rose Surprise
You are wearing a beautiful rose in your jacket buttonhole and at a time when a silk is needed you pluck the flower and it instantly and vivibly transforms into a silk.
Rose to Silk
A set of two  Super de Luxe sleeve bouquets. Each bouquets has five large and beautiful flowers, expertedly crafted from the finest feathers. You can produce them from thin air (E.G.
Sleeve Bouquet (5 fl) SdL - pair
These are production bouquets of eight large flowers made in a combination of feather leaves and cloth petals. We supply two different colored bouquets in each pair, one for each hand, - or "mix"...
Sleeve Bouquet, double dL
We have several varieties of Spring flowers, for magic effects. These are flowers made of paper, plastic film or foil, that fold flat for loading, and spring open to make a big and colorful display...
Spring Flowers non tear (25)
A burning torch is transformed into a beautiful rose in your hand.
Torch to Rose
A vase full of flowers is clearly visible on an elegant table and in a blink or a sneeze, it vanishes into thin air. After the vanish, the table can be used as a normal stage table.
Vanishing Bouquet & Vase

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