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This pan is a smaller version of the Dove Pan, no base. Made in stainless steel (170 mm diameter, 115 mm high).
Chick Pan
A beautiful Dove Pan made from stainless steel (244 mm diameter). In french they call it "Flambé" when they set fire to the Cognac. To put out the flames you put the lid on and when you open the lid...
Dove Pan Classic
This is a production prop for producing a Dove. Performer shows a tray freely on both sides. Visibly and in an instant a Dove appears on the tray. If you wish you can transform a Silk into a Dove...
Dove Tray, new model
A beautiful and large (310x200x160 mm) wooden drawer box.
Drawer Box XL
The magician shows a metal tube, which can be seen right through, and opened in the middle and shown completely empty. Liquids can be poured into or out of this bottomless Tube, and items like...
Genii Tube
Large and beautiful stainless steel Ghost Tube, used to produce silks, streamers, bank notes etc. Very well made!
Ghost Tube, ss lg
Small Dove Pan for the production of a cake, candy, a live mouse or a Ribbon Fountain (recommended). Diameter: 110 mm.
Mini Prod. Pan
A compact, sturdy, and very economical model of the classic Mirror Production Box. A very effective Production box in the form of a cube with a door in front, and another door on top.
Mirror Box
New Devils Hank
This beautiful, 380 mm high, bird cage is made of stainless steel and can be produced from your sleeve.
Production Bird Cage
This is a large and novel Silk Flag Production by Patrick Page. A silk flag is vanished, and reappears in a previously shown empty, small purse. This flag is placed aside and the purse is once more...
Repeat Flag Production
We can also offer you a beautiful Ribbon Fountain to produce from any dove pan, even our smallest version. An endless stream of Silk Ribbon running from the pan and on to the floor.
Ribbon Fountain

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