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2 into 1 Rope
A rope is cut at the middle and the two pieces are tied together with a knot. One end of the rope is tied to the microphone stand or a chair and the other end is held by a spectator.
3 Way Travelling Knot
Master one great rope trick and you will have a piece of magical entertainment that will serve you well for the rest of your life under almost any performing conditions.
Award Winning Rope Magic - Tabary
A spectator selects a card, which is lost in the deck. The deck is placed in a hat or a paper bag and one end of a rope is lowered into the hat/bag. When the rope is raised, the chosen card is tied...
Card Lasso
You show a red, blue and green rope with knots on them and a yellow rope with no knots on it. Magically the knots jump from the red, blue and green rope onto the yellow rope.
Okito RopeTrick
Acrylic white magic rope. Diameter 20 mm, this is our thickest rope. It is visible on the largest stage, but still very easy to cut.
Roll of 25 metres.
Rope 20 mm loose 25 m
We have commissioned a rope manufacturer to produce a allround magic rope in polyester, bleached (= white), 9 mm diamater, no core. Full-bodied but still very easy to cut.
Rope 90 mm, allround 50 m
Cotton rope. Diameter 10 mm, no core. Easy to cut. RED. 10 metres.
Rope Cotton SdL 10 mm, red, 10 m
Magicians Rope. Cotton. Blue. 10 m
Rope Cotton, blue 10 m
Magicians Rope. Cotton. Red. 10 m
Rope Cotton, red 10 m
Magicians Rope. Cotton. White (off-white natural look). 10 m
Rope Cotton, white 10 m
Magicians Rope. Cotton. Yellow. 10 m
Rope Cotton, yellow 10 m
Rope w 4 ends
The magician displays a piece of rope about 750 mm long. Rope is coiled over his hand to show it is just an ordinary rope. The magician now stretches the rope between his two hands, horizontally,...
Stiff Rope
A screw type of gimmick to fix inside a rope. A quarter of a turn locks or releases the screw. Use it for 'Cut & Restored Rope' 'Travelling Knot' and other effects.
Tarbell Rope Gimmick
This is my best trick! I invented it in 1984 and has sold many, many hundreds over the years, it is always a hit at magic conventions. I have liking for doing "ungimmicked versions" of tricks, that...
Tri Colour Nightmare +
Performer displays a long rope. This is cut in half, and tied together to make a rope comprising of two smaller ropes tied together.The performer now passes his hands over the pair of ropes, and...
Twin Rope to Double Silk

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